New York City
Cyber Quarter

New York’s Silicon Alley in the heart of SoHo is about to undergo a remarkable reformation with the establishment of the NYC International Cyber Quarter by The Mint Properties.

The Mint’s newest project is at 462 Broadway, a six-story, 165,000- square foot building, which is designated as a New York City landmark. Located between Crosby and Grand streets, the building built in 1879-80 features French Renaissance architectural design by John Correja.

The Mint enlisted award-winning architect Peter Bohlin, designer of the Apple stores, Pixar HQ and Square HQ, to transform the site into a center of innovation for cybersecurity, AI and Big Data technologies, while at the same time preserving the historic characteristics of this unique location.

Bohlin and his team will focus on reviving a classic New York style with touches that connect the old with the new. The building will have subtle partitions that allow for varied functionality, and delineate spaces for public, private and semi- private use. Importantly, it will feature a unique shared space piazza focused on connecting, meeting and collaborating. Other features will include multi-sized meeting rooms; phone booth private calling; lounge areas on each floor; kitchen lunch areas; a concept coffee; a venue for small events; and elevator access to the piazza. The Hub’s target is to host 30-45 startups, 12-15 strategic partners and more than 30 venture and private equity firms within three years.

JVP and The Mint are committed to expanding technology and business between Israel, Europe, Asia and New York City. The Hub will not only be the basis for significant international activity, but also draw local companies that want to be part of cutting edge technology partnerships and networks. The Hub will help establish New York City as the world-class leader in cybersecurity and related technologies.

JVP has a longstanding record of creating and managing innovation-oriented facilities and events that have a distinct aesthetic and vibe to enthuse and inspire both employees and guests.